Leewen Foreign Language School was founded in 1994. In the very fruitful years since its opening, Leewen has successfully trained a great number of students who are now pursuing bright futures in world-famous academies including Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, Cambridge University and Imperial College.

 Starting with their first ABCs, countless Leewen students have become excellent English speakers. Many have passed the University English Standard Test in high school. Students from the school have won five provincial English proficiency championships, along with innumerable special awards and first prizes.

 Qingdao and Shandong are no longer the only places where people talk about Leewen. In 2000, a student from Leewen scored a full mark on the National University Entrance English Exam. In 2001, a Leewen student scored 8 on the IELTS exam, which no one in Qingdao was able to best´until another Leewen student registered a pure 8.5 in 2004!matching China's highest mark. With new accomplishments every year, Leewen students always make the school proud!

Awarded the distinction of "Model Private School" by the Qingdao Education Commission in 1999

Awarded the distinction of "Top Ten School" in terms of credibility by the Qingdao News Agency

A view of Zhong Shang Square

Salon Class


Mark Xie

Bachelor of Arts, Davidson College
Studied and worked in the US for a total of 8 years
Fluent in English and French
Worked as simultaneous interpreter for European Congress

China's Minister of Foreign Liaisons (Former Mayor of Qingdao),
Mr. Wang, welcomes Mr. Xie's efforts in educating the country's English learners.


 As a Leewen teacher, you will be aided by a friendly, expert staff. Audio and visual aids are readily available on request. One third of our classrooms are newly renovated and all provide a spacious and attractive atmosphere for classes. Teaching assistants are available for children's courses and do a wonderful job translating difficult points and maintaining class order.

 Our teachers enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and many opportunities to improve themselves. When not working and studying, teachers often spend their time in Qingdao's fine restaurants, in the historic and shopping districts or on one of the city's numerous beaches. When the school organizes special events, there is always something new to experience, delicious to taste or amazing to witness.

Mark Xie conducts a seminar on the TOEFL

James conducts a seminar on the GRE

The genius wore sneakers: The aptly-named "Ray Fantastic" lectures on how to succeed on the IELTS

View of a fishing village from the summit of Laoshan: Here our teachers are able to call out to the world

The Headmaster, teachers, employees and star students stop to take a photograph on their way to Laoshan's Northern summit (2003)

A group of teachers rests at the "summit". Here they recorded videos made available for their families and friends (2004)


 Qingdao is known as the Switzerland of China because of its European style, red-roofed buildings. However, its status as China's second largest port city and its prominence as a popular holiday getaway and high technology center!home to Haier's, Hisense's and Aucma's headquarters!suggests a more fitting moniker: The San Francisco, Malibu and Silicon Valley of China.

 Most Chinese recognize Qingdao for its world famous, German-founded brewery that claims the city's namesake. TsingTao beer celebrated its 100-year history in 2003 and the city maintained its annual tradition of hosting an international beer festival.

 Geographically, Qingdao is located on the southern coast of the Shandong peninsula (Eastern Shandong province). Its close proximity to South Korea and Japan draws many of these neighbors across the Yellow Sea to work and play. Teaching at Leewen, chances are you will have a few Korean students and may even pick up a little Korean. There are currently 60,000 Koreans living in Qingdao.



 We strive to provide language students with high quality education and to train them in a native language environment. As China is opening to the world, English is playing an ever more important role as a communication tool. We teach our students pure English with the help of our "Natural Language Development Methods," which marry structure and understanding to correct pronunciation and idioms.

Students patiently wait on the first floor before their classes.
They hope to learn all they can from their foreign and Chinese teachers.

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